IP-VPN Transmission Migration, E2E Delivery

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IP-VPN Transmission Migration, E2E Delivery

2G LTE IPVPN Roll-Out Project

Plan of Delivery was 3 years which we completed successfully within works after just over 2 Years, with zero failures


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• Radio/RAN operations

• 2G-3G-LTE networks

Our RAN team have an impressive background in Radio/RAN operations – Network performance management, design, QoS and Optimization at a national level; also across 2G-3G-LTE networks. They are also exceptionally capable in managing operational projects involving RAN, any upgrade, swap outs, integration and new installs work. The team’s skill base allows them to be exceptionally adaptable to a wide range of projects:

IP-VPN Transmission Migration
  • Strong technical understanding of the GSM/GPRS/UMTS/LTE system architecture
  • Excellent analytical skills for extracting, processing and manipulating data. Excellent user of MS Excel, Access and SQL.
  • Good understanding of Operational and Customer Experience issues related to Mobile Radio Networks.
  • Strong understanding and competence in using Operational, Performance and Incident tools (Business Objects, Huawei U2000, Huawei M2000, Huawei U2020, Nokia NETACT, BMC REMEDY, SQL, Microsoft EXCEL).
  • Ensuring that security is always maintained 

So far, our team have completed roughly 13263 IPVPN TX migrations works that have (Huawei / Nokia) vendor-built EE RAN network. 

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Typical examples of the work the team is capable & skilled to support are:  

  • New Site Integration and Commissioning of 2G/3G/4G Technologies
  • RAN Card Swaps works, Upgrades works
  • Support all Antenna Swap out projects
  • Small Cells Integration and Commissioning works
  • RAN support for TX Migrations works (IPVPN Migrations) across all technologies i.e. 2G/3G/LTE/5G
  • O&M Support, Faulting, Debugging
  • Site Audits, handover packs, customer acceptance reports for new built
  • Performance and Optimization Pre & Post activity supports work
  • RAN Support for any Tx related project

10g Site Enablement for 5G Deployment

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10g Site Enablement for 5G Deployment

10g installation
A2G Technician Woman
Leading at the forefront of in field expertise aiding the roll out of the UK’s 5G network demonstrating added value for our customers by in field problem solving and excellent customer experience




• 10g site surveys

• Site preparation installations

• MBNL network future proofing

We have completed over a 1000 surveys and site prep work such as installing splitters and making space for future expansion on the MBNL network.  Where space or power was not available for the 10g fibre lease line upgrades A2G added value by proposing various solutions to resolve these issues including PSU upgrades and reconfiguring the IDU’s within the transmission cabinets.  All these activities have been delivered whilst offering best in class customer experience, as well as delivering the necessary cost efficiencies required in running today’s networks.