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As networks evolve naturally equipment becomes obsolete and needs decommissioning.  For network owners it is imperative to manage their decom programme to be a success as it offers significant OPEX savings, ability to reuse dish rights and prevents any fines from OfCom.  At A2G services with have a Planning team that can identify redundant microwave links and inform the customer of redundant equipment.  Once the customer confirms they are happy to decommission the hardware our teams complete the following steps:


Ensure there is no live traffic, power down and label


Arrange sites access, schedule,  permits (possible Service affecting to get to the redundant kit), RAMS & submit F10 if applicable

Site Visit

Our field team can remove both ground and elevated equipment. Ensure legacy services are not affected


Return equipment to A2G warehouse and store.  Create amd provide Assest Management and Chain of Custody documentation


Equipment to be re-furbished to customers’ requirements (optional)

Sensitive Data Removal

Secure Erasure of All Data to Government Standards & Issue of Data Hard Drive Disc Destruction Certificate


Disposal to WEEE Regulations