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Design & Planning

We support our customers who are planning new elements in their Network to fulfil their current needs and their forecasted future challenges.

Using the most advanced tools in the market to predict coverage and end-user performance, we support our customers planning new elements in the Network to fulfil the current needs and forecasted challenges. From dense urban cites to rural environments our engineers will follow the design strategies and come up with the best solution to increase Network efficiency and performance at the best price, optimising CAPEX and OPEX for our customers.

Small Cell masts

Small Cells

Mobile data consumption and capacity has become a major issue for mobile operators. Network congestion resulted in accessibility issues and poor data performance, and overall, degradation of the user experience. One way to effectively provide more capacity on a mobile network is to reduce the size of the cells, creating more base stations to serve that area. This is achieved through small cell deployments. In order to do that an holistic approach is used by our Planning Engineers to be able to asses properly the scenario and provide the best solution.

In-Building Solutions

In Building Solutions

Most of the traffic is originated from indoor environments, offices, shopping centres, residential,… therefore, finding and planning the solution to provide the right service to the end user is critical for MNO’s. Arc2 Group is aware of that, and work together with their customers to design the most efficient solutions for different environments, e.g. stadium, shopping centre, Enterprise offices, … determining the right combination of elements (repeaters, DAS, small cells, Wi-Fi,…) to maximise the investment.


Strong and Reliable Backhauling Design is critical for modern Wireless Networks. Connectivity among all elements in the RAN, guaranteeing the capacity at the final Node is a service combining Dimensioning, Planning, Diversity and Topology. We are providing MW Planning/Design services, Fibre Design and Topology Design to cover the main needs of our clients.

Macro Cells

Regular Macro Cells Planning is part of Arc2 Group activities. Using Predictive Planning tools, such as Atoll, Asset or Planet, we cover the main tasks related to identify and model the candidates and predict the coverage and performance for various scenarios. Field Visual Acceptances and Technical Reviews are covered as well by our engineers.