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Our experienced Acquisition team deliver the 9 key milestones required to acquire the best site for our customer requirements.

Delivery Planning

Working with customers to identify nominal sites and transmission access plans. We determine the viability of a number of sites in a given location and then draft a topology plan to be reviewed by a customer. Once all parties agree we start to look at the site options in detail.

The Search

Once the topology plan is agreed and locations identified we explore existing lease deals with site providers to see if can utilise existing dish rights etc. On existing sites we are aware that there may have been disputes previously due to payment issues or damage we sit down with the SP to understand their concerns and where a site is crucial to our customer we can offer suitable incentives to ensure the site is acquired. Where the planned upgrade takes us outside the existing contract our skilled Property team work with the site provider to see if they can negotiate a Deed of Variation to fulfill both the SP’s and our customers requirements. Whether and existing site or a new option our team specialise in carefully considering cost, accessibility, environment (LPA & heritage sites etc) and permits and approvals.


Once a site/s has been vetted based on the criteria set out by our customer our consultants work with the site provider to ensure that our customers suppliers can access site with minimal disruption to the owner and neighbors. We offer solutions such as separate access route or own keys, where this is not possible we discuss the SP’s requirements and determine if they need a courtesy call or a certain amount of notice. Similarly the SP may have concerns around noise both of workers and equipment so we create a Noise Level Reduction Plan to satisfy the SP and neighboring property’s in the area. Once all the site specific details are identified we provide (and/or update databases) our customer.

Proposed Site Review

After the intial review has been completed our Project Team arrange a Proposed Site Review Meeting with our customer to discuss lease costs, timescales, and funding. After this assessment we seek a Go/No Go from our customer and provide and review alternative options.

Initial Survey Documentation and Drawings

After a site has been approved our Planning Team will draft drawings based on our customer’s requirements and the SP’s approval. If agreement is forthcoming then we generate Proposal Document for review and signing by all parties.

Full Survey and Implementation Feasibility

Now that the SP is on board we our expert team survey the site based on the following criteria:- Customer Site Guidelines; Health & Safety Standards; Equipment Location; Access; Power; Local Environment; SP Requirements; Energy Saving Options; Noise; 3rd Party Restrictions.

Contract Negotiation

After the in-depth survey has been reviewed and approved by our customer we have legal specialist who will create leased price options based on duration, payment frequency and technologies to be deployed plus any future expansions.

Approval & Permits

All approvals and permits highlighted during the Search Phase are now sought after and granted.

Customer Acceptance

To ensure compliance and allow a smooth GRN process we provide a Hand Over Pack detailing each milestone completed, lease agreement and site access details.